Tiny Chefs


All cooking camps are half-day. All half-day cooking camps must be combined with Gator Grab Bag classes to make a full-day. There is an extra charge for materials for all cooking camps built into the fee.

While exploring cultural and food related themes, Tiny Chef's program includes a foundation of learning that enhances what kids learn in their regular classrooms; organization skills, safety, nutrition, working as a team, cooperation, taking turns. Basic reading and math skills are used daily, as campers follow recipes, learn to measure, and double or half the amounts. Campers will learn how much fun it is to cook, as well as these joys of cooking: pride in creating a meal to share with others; creativity in putting their own special twist on a familiar recipe; new techniques and skills while working with familiar foods and exotic delicacies, and learning a life skill is useful every day! We hope all our Tiny and Gourmet Chefs, and their families enjoy the recipes we have included in their session. All students will receive an apron and cookbooks will be emailed after the session containing the recipes they have made, so that they may share their new skills with everyone at home. Send in a Tupperware container for your child to take home extra goodies from camp!  Please note: Tiny Chefs, Inc. is a nut-free company, but is unable to accommodate gluten, dairy, or egg allergies.

**Campers interested in taking cooking must choose either AM or PM double-period of cooking based on their grade (either grade 2-4 or grade 4-8), and cannot choose both in same week as themes repeat. Must add Gator Grab Bag classes to complete the day. For rising 2nd-8th grade campers only.

WEEK 1 (JUNE 17-21 **NO CAMP Wednesday, june 19): Cupcake WARS  

(Cost $500 for 1/2 day cooking + 1/2 day Gator Grab Bag classes)

Cupcakes are all the rage and it’s a trend that’s clearly here to stay!  If you’ve ever been curious about how the pros make those cupcakes so precious and ornate, and if competition is your middle name, then this is the week for you!  We’ll spend a few days on cupcake basics - measuring, mixing, baking, and frosting, and then finish the week with two days of baking battle! Small teams will face off with one another to compete for the title of “Best Cupcake!”.  May the best cupcake win! 

WEEK 2 (JUNE 24-28): CUPCAKE WARS 2.0  

(Cost $625 for 1/2 day cooking + 1/2 day Gator Grab Bag classes)

Cupcakes have been the baked item of choice for several years now, and the Tiny Chefs' version of Cupcake Wars has been so popular we have had to create a "sequel" in order to introduce new recipes and competitions. In Cupcake Wars 2.0, we have gathered cupcake recipes that double as breakfast foods or drinks (what?!?!), and that explore regional and international cuisines. On top of that we have included savory cupcakes! Don't worry, campers will still be competing in rotating small groups and learning decorating techniques. 

WEEK 3 (JULY 1-3 **no camp thursday, july 4 or friday, july 5): AMERICAN PICNIC 

(Cost $375 for 1/2 day cooking + 1/2 day Gator Grab Bag classes)

American cuisine is inspired by cultures around the world but has become uniquely and deliciously its own! For most Americans, nothing says summer like hamburgers, hot dogs, and potato salad. And while some of those things are definitely on out All American Summer Menu, we are also going to explore American cuisine from sea to shining sea, from Southern BBQ to California's twist on the BLT to the countrywide favorite Strawberry Shortcake! Come dive into summer with Tiny Chefs--it will feel like the 4th of July all week!


(Cost $625 for 1/2 day cooking + 1/2 day Gator Grab Bag classes)  

Aprons on! Hands washed! We are ready to cook! In this cooking camp, students will join our culinary instructor and learn how to make different Diner and Drive Thru Delights, completely from scratch! Skip the drive thru line or delivery fees and learn how to make your very own temptations! From Panko Chicken Bites to a burger and shake, your chef will learn how to make everyone's favorite Diner and Drive Thru Delights! By the end of camp, your chef will feel a sense of confidence in the kitchen with their certificate of completion and will be open to trying a variety of new flavors!


(Cost $625 for 1/2 day cooking + 1/2 day Gator Grab Bag classes)  

If your chef dreams of someday having their own restaurant or food truck, sign them up for this inventive summer camp! Each day the students will produce a different course (appetizer, soup, main dish or dessert) or an item from a certain cuisine and build a creative food truck around it. Over the course of the session they will also be working on a final idea for their very own food truck, expanding on the types of foods that their particular restaurant on wheels would serve based on the experiences they have had in class. Students will be introduced to a variety of cuisines, cooking skills, and presentations throughout the week.


(Cost $625 for 1/2 day cooking + 1/2 day Gator Grab Bag classes)

If your little baker has taken our Cupcake Wars' camp, then NAILED IT is the next camp for them! We will be decorating cupcakes into unique and artful creations all week long! Animal face cupcakes, floral cupcakes, and hamburger cupcakes are all on the menu this week. Does your kid love to dip their food? Chips in salsa, veggies in hummus, bread sticks in marinara sauce?  Half-day only. July 24-28.