A unique day camp in Bethesda, MD for boys and girls (ages 4-16).

June 19-July 28, 2017 




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  • General questions about the courses? Contact Upper School Office x385
  • Daily attendance is expected and any missed work must be made up.
  • Information about books and materials for the courses will be sent after registration.
  • For any student who does not attend Stone Ridge during the school year, permission and a letter of recommendation to attend these classes must be obtained from the student's academic dean for courses receiving full or half-credit.


  FULL CREDIT COURSES                                                                                                            



     Date: June 19 - July 28

     Time: 9:00 am - 12:30 pm

     Teacher: Mr. Will Robertson

     Prerequisite: 9th Grade Science

     Tuition: $1300

This course provides students with a solid introduction to chemistry, its vocabulary and its application to natural events. Major topics covered include atomic structure, chemical bonding and molecular structures, chemical reactions, chemical nomenclature, stoichiometry, physical  behavior of gases, liquids and solids, gas laws, solutions, equilibrium and acids and bases. Emphasis is on measurement, problem-solving and the practical application of chemical ideas.   Students are expected to carry out lab work.



     Date: June 19 - July 28

     Time: (minimum time) 9:30 am - 1:00 pm at the TechShop in Arlington, VA

     Prerequisite: 9th Grade Science

     Tuition: $1300  

     Stone Ridge Supervisor: Ms. Kathleen Flood and Mr. Tom Doyle

This course is an exciting opportunity for students to become makers and innovators! Students will learn the principles of design and engineering through the creative process. Students will spend their time in the newly built TechShop in Arlington working with their Tech Shop instructors to learn to safely use machinery such as 3D laser cutters, 3D printers, bandsaws, circuitry and more. In small groups, students will: 1) define a problem, 2) do background research, 3) brainstorm solutions, 4) design a solution, 5) create a budget, 6) develop and prototype the solution, 7) test the solution, and 8) communicate the results. Groups will use the machinery in the workshop. Students will be required to keep a daily online engineering log as well as produce a final presentation with regards to their process and product. Stone Ridge will not be providing transportation to the TechShop; however, the TechShop is metro accessible. This course fulfills requirement #1 for the SR STEM Certificate Program. For more information on the TechShop, please visit:  http://www.techshop.ws/arlington.html

(Minimum time commitment: 6 weeks in the TechShop from 6/20/2016 to 7/29/20169:30am - 1 pm daily. Students may occasionally decide to stay later to complete more time intensive phases of the course)



      Date: June 19 - July 28

      Time: 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm

      Prerequisite:  Grade 10 History

      Tuition: $1200

      Teacher: Dr. Michael Cavey

This course serves as a basic and comprehensive study of American history, focusing on major political, economic and social developments from the age of European discovery to the end of the Cold War.  In addition to mastering the basic facts, concepts, and themes of US History, students engage in abstract reasoning, critical reading of major historians and primary sources, analytical and research writing, debate and oral presentation, current events analysis and historical research using the internet.  Students will be well prepared to take the SAT U.S. History Subject Test in the fall.


  HALF-CREDIT COURSES                                                                                                          



      Date: June 19 - July 7

      Time: 9:00 am - 12:30 pm *times may vary given the nature of the day's fieldwork

      Teacher: Ms. Heidi Johnson

      Prerequisite: Grade 9 Science

      Tuition: $600

Calling all nature lovers! Are you ready to spend your summer mornings outside? Are you excited to catch critters, get dirty, and maybe fall into a stream? If your answer is yes, then Environmental Field Studies is the course for you! In this lab and field studies based course, students will conduct hands-on activities to mimic and sometimes inform the real-life work of environmental scientists. By conducting studies to look at species populations, stream water quality, soil analysis, and more, students will learn how humans interact with their environment both positively and negatively. No previous biology or environmental science experience required; just an enthusiasm for life and an appreciation of the natural world. Bring some water shoes, insect repellent and sunscreen.  (Note: For Stone Ridge students interested in completing the STEM Certificate Program, this course counts toward STEM CP requirement #4 - Refer to Inside SR/Upper School/Student Activities Page/STEM Certificate Program) 



      Date: June 19 - July 7

      Time: 9:00 am - 12:30 pm

      Teacher: Ms. Stephany Fontanone

      Prerequisite: Grade 11 English or permission by instructor

      Tuition: $600

 An escaped serial killer on the loose.  A schoolboy’s crush that leads to an exotic adventure.  The handsomest drowned man in the world. A mystical romance about words and tattoos.  Just some highlights from the global short stories you could be enjoying this summer.  You’ll rack up those frequent flyer miles as we travel to Dublin, Lagos, Cape Town, Santiago, Bogota, New Delhi, Paris, and Moscow in the span of three short weeks.  Creative projects are paired with in-class reading to give you the international experience of a lifetime.  In addition to individualized attention to help with your writing assignments, you’ll also learn how to read other narrative sources such as paintings, songs and films, including, but not limited to: Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s Amélie (2001), Tim Burton’s Big Fish(2003), and Christopher Nolan’s Inception (2010).  You’ll see how when closely examined, the perfect short story (painting, or film) can deliver the same emotional catharsis as a well-written novel…in a fraction of the time.


      Date: July 3-21

      Time: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm at Georgetown Prepatory School (in the George Center)

      Teacher: Mr. Steve Maczynski

      Prerequisite: Grade 9 History

      Tuition: $1200              

With the opening of diplomatic relations between these two nations and the recent passing of Fidel Castro, this is an opportune time to examine this island nation. Given the monumental and cataclysmic events that followed the Cuban Marxist Revolution, the course will certainly be grounded in historical overtones that include the Cold War Era and the Cuban Missile Crisis. Fast forwarding to the Obama Administration’s 2014 decision to unfreeze relations, it is critical to tackle the topic of the potential for “normalization” as economic isolation and political hostilities subside. Now that the U.S. flag is flying over an actual embassy, it begs the question: how much longer before the full embargo is lifted? Moreover, how quickly can businesses gain a foothold in an economy that is locked into a static time period of industrial capitalism in which Chevrolet cars and Singer sewing machines are still prominent products. Through high-level readings and research, students will become well-prepared for embassy and business briefings provided by professional personnel who are working to define the future of this tumultuous, adversarial relationship. It is fascinating to consider how the Trump Administration will follow up on President Obama’s historic visit to Havana as a major symbolic launching of a new era.

$200 Deposit for this class - $100 for Stone Ridge portion and $100 for Georgetown Prep portion

  • To register for Prep's Summer Scholars Program ONLY (no credit), please email us for instructions.
  • Registration for non-credit option will NOT be handled through the camp website.

ENRICHMENT CLASSES                                                                  


      Date: June 19 - July 21

      Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

      Tuition: $900

      Prerequisite: Completed 8th Grade

      Teacher: Ms. Vaswati Hasson

This course will review the fundamentals of Algebra. Topics will include solving linear equations and inequalities, linear and quadratic functions, operations on rational expressions, polynomials and radicals, and graphing linear and quadratic functions. The students will develop the ability to explore and solve real world application problems, demonstrate the use of the graphing calculator, and communicate mathematical ideas clearly. This course is intended for students who have completed Algebra I and would benefit from additional support and review before taking their next math course (either Geometry or Algebra II), and students who would like a jumpstart to their study of Algebra I in Grade 9. 


    Date: June 19 - July 7

    Time: 1:00 pm- 3:30 pm

    Tuition: $450

    Prerequisite: Completed 8th Grade

    Teacher: Ms. Holly Zindulis or Ms. Erin DeSimone

Are you looking to keep your reading and writing skills sharp over the summer? Are you anticipating the new challenges of high school humanities classes?  In Grade 9, students can look forward to rigorous reading lists along with writing on a more analytical level.  This workshop helps usher students onto this new scene by breaking the reading and writing processes down into manageable steps and useful skills. Students will practice writing several types of essays, learn targeted writing-based grammar, get a head start on their summer reading and generally build confidence in themselves as high school students!

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury and The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros (the Stone Ridge 9th grade summer reading books) are required texts for this workshop



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