A unique day camp in Bethesda, MD for boys and girls (ages 4-16).

June 18-July 27 


From Pre-K through high school age, our caring staff will engage in creative activities and create unique experiences for campers of all ages. 

Campers who are rising Pre-K, Kindergarten or 1st Grade are part of our Mini and Mighty Gator Programs.  

Campers in Grades 2-8 may pick an all-morning program like Sports Academy or Summer Math or they can pick 2 Gator Grab Bag classes in the morning.  Full day campers will pick 2 afternoon Gator Grab Bag classes to make a full day.  

To learn more about these programs and classes, read the descriptions on each tab above.

Mini & Mighty Gators (Pre-k to 1st)

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    •  Headquartered in our air-conditioned, Lower School facility with full use of our playground and campus.
    • Our Morning Only campers eat lunch with us as well prior to dismissal. 
    • Special music, science and physical education classes too!
    • All campers must be potty-trained. 
    • Drop Off - 8:30 am - 9:00 am (all campers)
    • Mornings Only - 9:00 am - 12:45 pm (only for Mini and Mighty Gators)
    • Full day - 9:00 am - 3:00 pm  (Dismissal 3:00-3:30 pm)


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    This full day or morning only program is perfect for campers who will be entering Pre-Kindergarten next fall.  These little campers will enjoy fun-filled, hands- on activities in a small, nurturing environment. Each week brings a new theme to explore through arts and crafts, science, games, songs, storytelling, and much more. Three days a week, they will have water play outdoors with sprinklers and water toys, and will spend time daily on our large playground. A small snack will be served in the morning. In the afternoon, there will be a short rest period before our full-day Mini Gators resume fun activities. Precare, aftercare and lunch available.  


    QH2A8796This full day or morning only program is designed for campers who will be entering Kindergarten or 1st Grade next fall. This program is filled with wild and wacky activities, super stories and science, great sports, games, and songs, and amazing arts and crafts. With a new theme each week, these five-year-olds will have hands- on experiences which will engage their intellectual and creative minds. They will explore new topics each week through different mediums - art, science, games, books, sports, songs, computers, and playacting.  The Mighty Gators will enjoy one day a week at our beautiful, competition-­sized swimming pool for a highly-­supervised, recreational swim period.  Swim safety vests will be  worn.  They will also have  two other water play days in addition to the pool time.   Precare, aftercare and lunch available.   


INDIVIDUAL Classes (grades 2-8)


Campers may choose from the following: Sports Academy, Summer Math Fundamentals (Grades 2-5) or Gator Grab Bag Classes (individual classes) Full-day campers choose four different Gator Grab Bag classes for each two-week session or can combine it with an all morning or all afternoon program like Summer Math or Sports Academy.. Morning-only campers choose either Sports Academy or two Gator Grab Bag classes.  Grades listed are the camper's grade next fall.

 Note: Check On-Campus Grid in January to determine when classes are offered. 

  • Create your schedule by choosing single or double periods to create a full day.
  • Campers may not take the same class twice in a single session.
  • Some classes (Arts & Mad Scientists) have different themes each week so that you can choose what interests you.
  • Some activities (Babysitting, Advanced Drama, Inspirational Math and more) are double periods and last all morning or all afternoon.
  • We recommend taking a wide variety of classes.
  • Please note: The Stone Ridge pool has a shallow end of 4 feet. Campers must demonstrate proficiency to our Aquatics staff or a Stone Ridge swim safety vest will be required.



Join us as we travel around the world and learn different cultures through crafts and games. Each week will be a different region of the world to celebrate.

  • Asia
  • The Americas
  • Africa
  • Europe


Have neighbors or friends asked you to babysit their children? Alana Pitcher, RN, an American Heart Association and Red Cross CPR/First Aid Certified Instructor teaches this Babysitter’s Training course. Students eleven years and older by the start of camp will receive a Red Cross certificate upon successful completion of the class.


This group guitar lesson will focus on the basics of playing the guitar including playing of notes, scales, and chords.   No need to bring your own guitar!


  • Computers: Each camper will explore the world of computers at their own Mac station. Depending on age, kids will use programs such as Pixie, Microsoft Office, Kidspiration, and more. We will explore fun websites where campers can get creative and design their own stickers, window clings and other works of art.   Each camper will come home with their own folder of projects.

  • Advanced Computers: Journalism  (Grades 4-8) Double Period ~ Our roving reporters will work in this computer class to create our own Gator Gazette blog as well as learn different applications and tools. Students will learn to design our own blog newspaper including articles, photos, interviews, reviews, and weekly news updates. Kids will use programs such as Microsoft Office, Learn to Type, and more.Campers will be learning online presentation tools to help them prepare creative presentations for school such as Padlet and Tackk where they can creative web-based bulletin boards


Ranked as our #1 class, campers can’t get enough of Cool Crafts! This class is jam-packed with one-of-a-kind experiences from our classics themes to our new projects.  Theme weeks include the following options.

  • Classics: Does your returning camper love the Cool Craft Classic projects or are you a new camper who has heard about these great traditions! During this week we will do the following projects ~ Candy Sushi, Decorative Tiles, Glittery Gak, Cake Pops, and the Shaving Cream Slip 'n' Slide!

  • Holiday Decor: It may be summer but we will make decorations for different holidays and seasons so you can think of camp all year long. Be prepared for a different festive experience each day! Friday will have a colorful celebration and artistic games instead of the Slip 'n' Slide!

  • Newbies: For the camper who loves Cool Crafts but wants every day to be a new project, this is the theme week for you!  Campers will get to try new projects and will get to participate in our new Friday activity known as MESSTIVAL including the Slip 'n' Slide too.


Are you an aspiring writer? Each day, campers will work with a creative prompt to inspire their stories or illustrations. Students will create a "book" which contains their creative efforts from class.  In-class projects include stories, poems, and artwork.  As an added feature, students will learn skills in public speaking as they read aloud to the class a story that they've written or a classic they want to share. 


  • All That Jazz: This high energy dance class will focus on jazz technique and performance.  We'll explore different genres of jazz, and dance to exciting, upbeat music! Whether you are an advanced dancer or just starting out, you will have a blast learning new steps!

  • Ballet: Would you like to learn about the grace and beauty of ballet?  Each class, campers will work on stretching, strength, and flexibility while learning plie and tendu combinations. Class will move on to center work and down the floor exercises while teaching the discipline of ballet. Ballet slippers preferred. 
  • Hip Hop: Want to learn how to dance like the dancers in some of your favorite dance shows and movies? We can show you.  Come enjoy and learn spunky, high-energy dance routines featuring funky, hip-hop moves.  Campers will learn choreographed routines as well as develop their own dance routines to popular music.  Sneakers are required

  • So You Think You're A Dancer: Learn new styles of dance to include jazz, contemporary, and lyrical. This class will allow each student to try new technique, learn choreography and will include some popular and classical music.


  • Get ready to get moving!  During this new fitness class, campers will learn that non-competitive exercise is a lot of fun.  Through structured fitness programs, campers will learn to work together, gain confidence and self motivation.


  • Join our pool staff in this class designed for the beginning springboard diver. Skills to be taught include the forward approach step, front and back take-offs, tuck, pike, straight and twisting positions, and front and back dives. Each child will progress at his or her own pace in this class while learning basic diving skills.


Time to flashback to crafts and activities from traditional day camps of long ago.  Campers will participate in projects involving tie dye, nature crafts, gimp and more.


Do you love to act? Be spontaneous and creative as you learn how to quickly think on your feet and learn drama techniques.  Each week will focus on a different dramatic element or play. Warm up with witty improv and theater games.

  • Audition Ready (Grades 4-8): Has your camper been bit by the acting bug and can't wait to learn how to try out for a show? This class will work with the camper who is ready to take it to the next level of acting.
  • Improv Games: Get on stage and have fun getting into character.  This class will explore the world of comedy through games, stiuations, and laughter.  By the end, your camper will have developed their own unique character and had fun working with other actors to create memorable scenes.
  • Scene Study: In this class, campers who are ready to take a more detailed look at theater will develop characters and work on scripts.  Campers will becoming part of a fantastical world through monologues, scenes from popular plays as well as creating our own scenes to perform.


  • Have fun with your friends while lounging in an inner tube, playing with pool noodles, or jumping off the diving board. Campers must pass our swim test in order to swim without one of our Stone Ridge swim vests.


Come and have fun with energized techniques in personal fitness. Kids will develop muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility along with principles of fitness interval and resistance training to maximize caloric output. It is a blended course utilizing different areas of fitness such as circuit training—body conditioning exercises; Zumba—aerobic dance training; and Kickboxing—focused on techniques of self-defense and karate in an aerobics atmosphere. Kids will also develop their own Zumba routines. 


How much excitement can we pack into one class? Try us! This camp favorite features daily, fun competitions in such games as Capture the Flag, Dodgeball, Indoor Hockey, Whiffle Ball, Kickball, and a few Gator Gladiators classic games. Bring your sneakers and your energy! 


The gladiators will have fun in a new location as they battle with foam swords, build bases with gym mats, and play games where they will crawl, jump, roll, spin, and laugh!


Many campers can't get enough of this traditional camp craft!  Learn how to start your own gimp project and make more difficult designs such as cobra, zipper, double barrel and double box, Campers will go home with at least one key chain or braclet.


Like to solve problems and compete in team events? Then this class is for you! Each day, teams will solve team challenges, puzzles and even quick contests similar to the games played on Minute to Win It! Get ready to exercise your brain and your body.


Grab an inner tube and play this easy-to-learn, hysterically funny, pool game. Race to score as many goals as you can against your opponents while paddling across the pool.


Students will be immersed in math investigations and opened ended creative math problem-solving skills. Your student will build confidence and enthusiasm for math. They will work on  building numeracy and math fluency.


Learn to make beautiful earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and more.  Campers will practice such skills as beading, weaving, knotting, and creating clasps.


If you have a love for bricks and building, here’s your chance to combine your love of LEGOs with math and engineering concepts. Students will be given a daily individual or team challenge relating their LEGO projects to an age-appropriate math or engineering skill as well as concepts such as strength, height, arches, and more. This class will focus on engineering, design, and innovation.


Help! Our mad scientist needs campers like YOU to help run experiments, concoct new contraptions, and explore science and nature inside and outside of the classroom. Choose from these theme weeks that have a variety of classic and new experiments and activities

  • Boom Do you like explosions?  If so, this is the class for you!  Our projects will include Water Cannons as well as classics such as Mentos Geysers and Exploding Chalk.
  • Oh No, Volcano: Let's explore natural disasters!  Campers will make models and learn about natural disasters such as volcanoes, earthquakes, and avalanches.
  • Splat: Let's explore art and science!  We will grow Crystal Geodes and we will make Scribbling Robots, as well as other projects that combine art and science.


What could be better than designing, tinkering, and making? Through various activities in this new grab bag class, campers will be able to build, code, invent and be creative. Using a unique array of tools, equipment and materials such as coding software, 3D printers, Makey Makeys, circuits, upcycled and craft materials, etc. you will be able to create whatever you are interested in!


Through collage, print making and other fun mediums,a new artist is featured each week.  We will talk about their life and workand create our own projects inspired by that artist’s work.

  •  Gustav Klimt Tree of Life Collages: Explore Gustav Klimt’s Tree of Life mural then you will create your own tree of life collage using printmaking and many different materials.
  •  Hundertwasser Collages: Explore the world of Hundertwasser and using printmaking techniques and various materials to create your own fantasy landscape collage.
  •  Wayne Thibaud Pastry Collages: Explore the delicious world of Wayne Thibaud and create your own bakery collages.
  •  Romero Britto Collages: Explore the colorful and exciting work of Romero Britto and use printmaking and other collage techniques to create your own pieces.


Back by popular demand! Hang out in our Mac lab and use great photo and video software to create short films and cool video clips.


Join this percussion ensemble as you learn how to beat drums, buckets, and other noisy instruments or household items to create a unique rhythmic sound.  Use our iPads to learn how to use technology to make music.  Our iBand will learn how to play different electronic notes, instruments, and synchronize togther.


Let us introduce you to the world of musical theater through singing, acting, and dancing.  Whimsical theater and music games will add the playful side of the theater to this class. Each week will focus on a different incredible production or genre

  • Advanced Musical Theater: Seussical (double period)
  • Disney on Broadway: Aladdin, Lion King, Mary Poppins
  • Golden Age of Broadway: Sound of Music, Annie and The Music Man
  • Hairspray
  • Matilda
  • Peter Pan
  • Wicked


Our roving reporters will work in this computer class to create our own Gator Gazette which will be distributed to our camp families each session. During class, students will layout our own newspaper including articles, photos, cartoons, interviews, reviews, and weekly news updates


Each week a new artist is featured (we will talk about their life and work- art history stuff) and all works will be inspired by that artist’s work.

  • Georgia O'Keefe: Explore the world of Georgia O’Keeffe and her giant flowers then you will create your own giant flower garden.
  • Henri Rousseau: Explore the Jungle paintings of Henri Rousseau and create your very own jungle.
  •  George Rodrigue Dogs Paintings: Explore the blue dog paintings of George Rodrigue and create your own collection of dog, cat or other pet paintings.
  • Maud Lewis Bird Paintings: Explore the work of Maud Lewis and create your own collection of nature paintings.


  • Working with our Yearbook Photography Editor, campers will learn basic information on photo composition and will have the opportunity to take portraits, landscapes, action shots, and even help create a photo booth.  We will work in the computer lab to learn how to manipulate images with photo software.  Students will have access to their digital images to share with their family.


In celebration of our 20th year of Sports Academy fun, we have decided to offer campers the option of a double or single period of Sports Academy awesomeness! Period 1 will be Sports Academy--Olympics and Period 2 will be Sports Academy--Traditional. See below for full descriptions of each. Campers may select one or both of the options. Swimming will no longer be included in Sports Academy; campers may select Free Swim or other swimming options from the Gator Grab Bag if they would like time in the pool.

  • Olympics: Join our week-long Olympic festival of wacky individual and team events, including kickball, relay races, capture the flag, water balloon tosses, indoor soccer, obstacle course relays, and more. Campers will be divided up into rival countries and challenged to dress up in team colors, paint their faces, and have fun, healthy competition in non-traditional sports. 
  • Traditional: How would you like to play your favorite sports every day, led by enthusiastic and knowledgeable coaches and counselors? Play basketball, soccer, softball, track & field, kickball and more on the Stone Ridge Gator Turf field, grass fields and in our air-conditioned gymnasiums. Campers are have the opportunity to learn, play and improve in the sports they love as well as enjoy the best summer of their lives.


Ever wonder how some of those incredible short films are made? In this class, you will learn how to make a group stop motion video by creating your own story, taking photos, and piecing together a great video using our iMacs.


Sewing enthusiasts will love to get their hands on a needle and thread in this popular class which teaches the basics of knitting, embroidery, basic weaving and original designs.

  • Advanced Strings & Things: (double period) For campers who would like to spend more time working on projects and learning additional skills, this double period option has been created.


Whether you are a beginner who needs to learn how to swim or a swimmer who doesn’t have time for morning practice, our pool staff will divide our swim clinic into three levels– Beginners, Intermediate, and Swim Team.

  • Beginners: This class is appropriate if your child is comfortable in the pool, but needs help putting his/her face underwater. Your child will be taught the front glide, kicking, back float, and the basic freestyle stroke, along with swim safety skills in a fun, safe environment.
  • Intermediates: If your child can swim twenty-five yards freestyle and tread water for one minute, this is the class for him/her. Drills will be taught in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. Starts and turns will be introduced.
  • Swim Team: This class will be instructed with swim team drills to keep them trained and prepared for their swim meets. 


Calling all fashionistas and crafty kids! Create trendy jewelry, no-sew accessories, trinkets,and hair accessories. Learn to make beautiful bracelets, necklaces and more.


Work as a team to learn how to problem solve, take leadership roles, and just laugh as you try and figure out how to get your group across the imaginary lava or you are competing in a large outdoor version of Twister.  This class will combine great camp games that encourage responsibility, friendship, and playfulness as well as classic interactive classic games such as Team Pictionary, Twister, and Family Feud.


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