A unique day camp in Bethesda, MD for boys and girls (ages 4-16).

June 18-July 27 

Rising 4th-8th Graders

What a great time to be a rising 4th-8th grade camper! This fun age group is ready for a challenge and a wide variety of activities. They can choose from the following three options:
  • On-campus activities (1 week)
  • Off-campus activities (1 week)
  • Specialty Camps (1 week)
  • Campers can combine a variety of these options to make an action packed adventure this summer.
  • All programs for Grade 2 and older are full day.  We no longer have Morning Only programs with our one week format.
  • Pre-care and after-care are available for all three programs.
  • Off-campus activities must bring their own lunch.  
  • On-campus and Specialty Camps may purchase our lunch program.

On-campus options



Babysitting 101 (Grades 6-8):

  • Have neighbors or friends asked you to babysit their children? Alana Pitcher, RN, an American Heart Association and Red Cross CPR/First Aid Certified Instructor teaches this Babysitter’s Training course. Students eleven years and older by the start of camp will receive a Red Cross certificate upon successful completion of the class.

Computers (Grades 2-8):

  • Each camper will explore the world of computers at their own Mac station. Depending on age, kids will use programs such as Pixie, Microsoft Office, Kidspiration, and more. Each camper will come home with their own folder of projects.

Cool Crafts (Grades 2-8):

  • Ranked as our #1 class, campers can’t get enough of Cool Crafts and our unforgettable teacher Gillian Atta. From candy sushi to tie-dying, this class is jam-packed with one-of-a-kind experiences. You won’t want to miss the shaving cream fight and giant slip ‘n’ slide either!

Diving (Grades 2-8):

  • Join our aquatics staff in this class designed for the beginning springboard diver. Skills to be taught include the forward approach step, front and back take-offs, tuck, pike, straight and twisting positions, and front and back dives. Each child will progress at his or her own pace in this class while learning basic diving skills.

Free Swim (Grades 2-8):

  • Have fun with your friends while lounging in an inner tube, playing with pool noodles, or jumping off the diving board. Campers must pass our swim test in order to swim without one of our Stone Ridge swim vests.

Gator Games (Grades 2-8):

  • How much excitement can we pack into one class? Try us! This camp favorite features daily, fun competitions in such games as Capture the Flag, Dodgeball, Indoor Hockey, Whiffle Ball, Kickball, and many more. Bring your sneakers and your energy!

Hip-Hop (Grades 2-8):

  •  Come enjoy and learn spunky, high-energy dance routines featuring funky, hip-hop moves.  Campers will learn choreographed routines as well as develop their own dance routines to popular music.  The class will perform at the camp talent show.  Sneakers are required.

In It To Win It (Grades 2-8):

  • Like to solve problems and compete in team events? Then this class is for you! Each day, teams will solve team challenges, puzzles and even quick contests similar to the games played on Minute to Win It! Get ready to exercise your brain and your body.

Inner Tube Water Polo (Grades 3-8):

  • Grab an inner tube and play this easy-to-learn, hysterically funny, pool game. Race to score as many goals as you can against your opponents while paddling across the pool.

Newspaper (Grades 4-8):

  • Our roving reporters will work in this computer class to create our own Gator Gazette which will be distributed to our camp families each session. During class, students will layout our own newspaper including articles, photos, cartoons, interviews, reviews, and weekly news updates.

Science Sampler (Grades 2-8):

  • Help! Our mad scientist needs campers like YOU to help run experiments, concoct new contraptions, and explore science and nature inside and outside of the classroom.

Strings & Things (Grades 2-8):

  • Sewing enthusiasts will love to get their hands on a needle and thread in this popular class which teaches the basics of knitting, embroidery, basic weaving and original designs.

Swim Clinic (Grades 2-8): 

  • Whether you are a beginner who needs to learn how to swim or a swimmer who doesn’t have time for morning practice, our pool staff will divide our swim clinic into two levels– Beginners or Intermediate.
    • Beginners: This class is appropriate if your child is comfortable in the pool, but needs help putting his/her face underwater. Your child will be taught the front glide, kicking, back float, and the basic freestyle stroke, along with swim safety skills in a fun, safe environment.
    • Intermediates: If your child can swim twenty-five yards freestyle and tread water for one minute, this is the class for him/her. Drills will be taught in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. Starts and turns will be introduced.

Totally Trendy Crafts (Grades 2-8):

  • Calling all fashionistas! Create no-sew fashion accessories like duct tape bags, trendy jewelry, hair accessories, and locker bling. Go ahead and get ready to make a fashion statement as you design these totally trendy crafts!

Note: Our On-Campus Grid is posted in December to help you see which classes are offered.




  • Campers can choose their favorite elements of Sports Academy more easily.  Instead of being an all-morning program for two weeks, sports academy has been divided into 3 options!  Campers can either take Sports Academy: Olympics, Sports Academy: Traditional Sports, or Free Swim.  Your child can choose to take only one of these classes or do a combo of Olympics and Traditional Sports or Olympics and Free Swim to make a morning.  Free Swim is also offered last period if your camper wants to do all three!  


  • These classes are recommended for students who would like to have fun with math and to reinforce math skills. Stone Ridge Fourth Grade teacher Nicole Christenson will explore and practice math concepts in an engaging environment using hands-on activities, puzzles, games and more. Students will have a break mid-morning for a snack and playground time. May be combined with afternoon Gator Grab Bag classes to make a full day. Two weeks, 9:00 am-12:30 pm (includes lunchtime and recess.  Review the concepts and skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, place value, money, time, geometry and problem-solving strategies.






For the camper who is ready to venture off our campus, we offer a variety of one-week camps that let our campers explore the DC area, try new adventures, or serve the community.   Be advised that most activities require a signed waiver from the outside companies with which we contract in order to participate in this program.



AdvCamp TreesAre you an active, adventurous person who wants a fun challenge? Test your limits and increase your self-confidence as you join our intrepid adventure team and experience some or all of the following: a ropes course, caving, kayaking, DC scavenger hunting, zorbing, bumper boats, and ziplines. Campers must have a sense of adventure and be able to physically participate in these extreme sports.
  •  One-Week programs
  • 9:00am -3:00pm (certain days could have later returns)
  • Campers must bring a bag lunch daily. 


fh020011For the camper who is ready for the extreme adventure experience! This program is for teens who love the adrenaline rush of Adventure Camp but are ready to take it to the next level. Campers must be able to physically participate in these extreme sports.
  • One-Week programs
  • 9:00am -3:00pm (certain days could have later returns)
  • Campers must bring a bag lunch daily.


Our one-week Junior Adventure Camp programs are designed for active, adventurous kids who are ready for a physical challenge off-campus.  Activities for each week may include: zorbing, hiking, laser tag, tubing, ropes course, bumper boats, zipline, and white water rafting. 
  • One-Week programs
  • 9:00am -3:00pm (certain days could have later returns)
  • Campers must bring a bag lunch daily.


Enjoy a weeklong adventure serving your community. This camp will explore a variety of service opportunities. Activities will fulfill most community service requirements for graduation and confirmation. *Note: campers must show proof of TB test to participate.Areas in which campers may serve their community this week by working with the following: environment, homeless, elderly, childcare, and special needs.
  • One-Week programs
  • 9:00am -3:00pm (certain days could have later returns)
  • Campers must bring a bag lunch daily.

Specialty Camps

Stone Ridge Summer CampUs will be offering specialty camps that are one week full day programs.  Through our coaches and unique vendors, campers will have the opportunity to develop skills or participate in unique experiences.  This year's experiences include:
  • Sports Camps
  • Cooking Camp
  • Music Production Camp

Details about these offerings and age groups will be posted in January

Create the perfect day

Create your own personalized camp experience by choosing from a wide variety of classes. Campers can fit sports, the arts, science, and more all into a single day. How? It's as easy as 1-2-3!

  • Starting in December, read over our class descriptions and then view our special On-Campus Grid to check out when your favorite classes and programs are offered.  
  • Create the perfect day by choosing a combination of classes or programs for a week of fun!
  • Or, choose one of our all day vendor programs or off-campus activities.

Important things to know if you are choosing individual classes:

      • Make a full day by choosing 4 individual classes or a combination with a double period class.
      • Some activities are double periods and last all morning or all afternoon.
      • Campers may not take the same class twice in a single session.
      • Certain activities may be repeated over the course of the summer in a particular class. We recommend taking a wide variety of classes.
      • Please note: The Stone Ridge pool has a shallow end of 4 feet. Campers must demonstrate proficiency to our Aquatics staff or a Stone Ridge swim safety vest will be required.

9101 Rockville Pike
Bethesda, MD 20814