A unique day camp in Bethesda, MD for boys and girls (ages 4-16).

June 18-July 27 

Rising 4th-8th Graders

What a great time to be a rising 4th-8th grade camper! This fun age group is ready for a challenge and a wide variety of activities. They can choose from the following three options:

On-campus classes 

Off-campus programs 

Specialty Camps 

  • All programs for Grade 2 and older are full day.  We no longer have Morning Only programs with our one-week format
  • Campers can combine a variety of these options to make an action packed adventure this summer.
  • Pre-care, lunch, and after-care are available for on-campus classes and our specialty camps.  
  • Off-campus activities must bring their own lunch.  
WEEK 1: JUNE 18-22 * WEEK 2: JUNE 25-29 WEEK 3: JULY 2-6
WEEK 4: JULY 9-13   * WEEK 5: JULY 16-20   * WEEK 6: JULY 23-27 

On-campus CLASSES

Campers in Grades 4-8 get to choose their own classes and design their own camp day based on their specific interests. Choose classes from the tech world, fine & performing arts, science classes, sports & swimming, etc. to fill your summer with fun. Back by popular demand, Sports Academy is once again an all-morning program.  Campers can combine a variety of these options to make an action packed adventure this summer.Before you choose your classes, here are some important things to know:

  • Create your schedule by choosing single or double periods to create a full day.
  • Campers may not take the same class twice in a single session.
  • Some classes (Arts & Mad Scientists) have different themes each week so that you can choose what interests you.
  • Some activities (Babysitting, Advanced Drama, Inspirational Math and more) are double periods and last all morning or all afternoon.
  • We recommend taking a wide variety of classes.
  • Please note: The Stone Ridge pool has a shallow end of 4 feet. Campers must demonstrate proficiency to our Aquatics staff or a Stone Ridge swim safety vest will be required.


$319 ~ WEEK 3 ~ JULY 2-6 (NO CAMP JULY 4)

To read about our class descriptions or to view when each class is offered, please see the links below:

 descriptions  gridroll

WEEK 1: JUNE 18-22 * WEEK 2: JUNE 25-29 WEEK 3: JULY 2-6
WEEK 4: JULY 9-13   * WEEK 5: JULY 16-20   * WEEK 6: JULY 23-27 


For the camper who is ready to venture off our campus, we offer a variety of one-week camps that let our campers explore the DC area, try new adventures, or serve the community.   Be advised that most activities require a signed waiver from the outside companies with which we contract in order to participate in this program.

WEEK 1 (Jun 18-22) WEEK 2 (Jun 25-29) WEEK 3 (Jul 2-6 not July 4) WEEK 4 (Jul 9-13 WEEK 5 (Jul 16-20) WEEK 6 (Jul 23-27)

Jr Adventure Camp

(Grades 4-7)

Jr Adventure Camp

(Grades 4-7)

 Jr Adventure Camp

(Grades 4-7)

 Jr Adventure Camp

(Grades 4-7)

Jr Adventure Camp

(Grades 4-7)

 Jr Adventure Camp

(Grades 4-7)

Adventure Camp

(Grades 7-10)

Community Service

(Grades 8-12)

Backyard Tourists

(Grades 4-7)

Community Service

(Grades 8-12)

Adventure Camp

(Grades 7-10)

Extreme Adventure Camp

(Grades 8-12)



AdvCamp TreesAre you an active, adventurous person who wants a fun challenge? Test your limits and increase your self-confidence as you join our intrepid adventure team and experience some of the following: a ropes course, trapeze, kayaking, zorbing, bumper boats, and ziplines. Campers must have a sense of adventure and be able to physically participate in these extreme sports. Campers must bring a bag lunch daily.





byt sailIt's time to go outside of your neighborhood and explore the treasures that the D.C. metropolitan area has to offer! Be a Backyard Tourist and take fun daily trips by bus or metro to those "just gotta see but never got there" places. 





Enjoy a weeklong adventure serving your community. Activities will fulfill most community service requirements for graduation and confirmation. Areas in which campers may serve their community this week by working with the following: environment, homeless, elderly, childcare, and special needs.  Campers earn 30 hours of service for the one-week program. Campers must bring a bag lunch daily.

  • Two One-Week programs
  • 9:00am -3:00pm
  • $399 - June 25-29  or July 9-13
*Note: campers must show proof of TB test to participate. 



fh020011For the camper who is ready for the extreme adventure experience! This program is for teens who love the adrenaline rush of Adventure Camp but are ready to take it to the next level. Campers must be able to physically participate in these extreme sports.  Campers must bring a bag lunch daily.



AdvCamp OGO

Jr. Adventure Camp will be offered all summer! Our one-week Junior Adventure Camp programs are designed for active, adventurous kids who are ready for a physical challenge off-campus.  Activities for each week may include: zorbing, hiking, laser tag, tubing, ropes course, bumper boats, zipline, and white water rafting. Campers must bring a bag lunch daily.


  • $380 - July 2-6 (No Camp July 4)
  • $475- All other weeks ~ June 18-22, June 25-29, July 9-13, July 16-20, July 23-27



If your camper has a specific passion or wants to delve into something new and unique, then consider joining our partner vendors for our one-week full day specialty themed camps!  Choose from Electronic Music Lab Camp with Mix Major, and Cooking Camp with Tiny Chefs.



While exploring cultural and food related themes, Tiny Chef's program includes a foundation of learning that enhances what kids learn in their regular classrooms; organization skills, safety, nutrition, working as a team, cooperation, taking turns. Basic reading and math skills are used daily, as campers follow recipes, learn to measure, and double or half the amounts. Campers will learn how much fun it is to cook, as well these special joys of cooking: Pride in creating a meal to share with others, Creativity in putting your own special twist on a familiar recipe. New techniques and skills while working with familiar foods and exotic delicacies, and learning a life skill is useful every day! We hope all our Tiny and Gourmet Chefs, and their families; enjoy the recipes we have included in their session. All students will receive an apron and cookbooks will be emailed after the session containing the recipes they have made, so that they may share their new skills, experiences and tastes with everyone at home. Send in a tupperware container for your child to take home extra goodies from camp!


TINY CHEFS (GRADES 2-4) - $440 (Week 3 ~ $352)

Dips and Donuts (Week 2 ~ June 25-29)

Does your kid love to dip their food? Chips in salsa, veggies in hummus, bread sticks in marinara sauce? How about dipping donuts in glazes and toppings?  In this fun, nutritious and delicious camp, the Tiny Chefs will do all of that! Savory recipes like Mexican Layered Dip or Spinach and Artichoke Dip in Wonton Wrappers will be made side-by side with Lemon Glazed Blueberry Donuts and Pumpkin Donut Holes with Cinnamon Topping. These are just a few of the types of recipes your Tiny Chef will enjoy as they dip and dunk (and bake and blend) their way through our newest camp!

Let’s Make Everyday a Holiday  (Week 3 ~ July 2-6; no camp July 4)

Holidays conjure up memories and nostalgia and so much of it food related!  Get ready for a week of delicious celebrations as we whip up Thanksgiving Pumpkin parfaits, Fourth of July cupcakes, Valentine's Day Chocolate Raspberry mousse cups, Halloween spider web pizzas, and Cinco de Mayo veggie quesadillas with guacamole, plus much, much more!  What could be more fun than enjoying Valentine’s Day goodies in July?  Join us for this 4 day week!

Breakfast for Dinner (Week 6 ~ July 23-27)

Turn your favorite breakfast dishes into the main event as dinner options.  How about a cheddar-chive frittata with fresh salsa?  Or Brunch pasta with bacon and eggs?  Maybe you’d prefer a more traditional French toast, dressed up with bananas and blueberries?  Any way you slice it your little chef will love tucking into these comforting breakfast classics.



Cupcake Wars (Week 1 ~ June 18-22)

Cupcakes are all the rage and it’s a trend that’s clearly here to stay!  If you’ve ever been curious about how the pros make those cupcakes so precious and ornate, and if competition is your middle name, then this is the week for you!  We’ll spend three days on cupcake basics-measuring, mixing, baking, and frosting, and then finish the week with two days of baking battle!  Small teams will face off with one another to compete for the title of “Best Cupcake!”  May the best cupcake win!

Kids Cook-off (Week 4 ~ July 9-13)

Kid cooks, bakers and chefs have joined the ranks of elimination style cooking contests and here at Tiny Chefs we are getting in on the action!  In this exciting session, classes will be separated into rotating teams and each team will create recipes that are judged by the instructors in a blind taste test.  Sometimes the teams will create the same item, and compete head to head.  Other times, they will create different recipes within a theme such as Snack Attack or Sweet and Savory Pies.  May the best team win!

Cookie Explosion (Week 5 ~ July 16-20)

Who doesn’t love cookies? There is nothing as comforting as the aroma and taste of freshly baked cookies. Tiny Chefs and Gourmet Chefs will be exploring the world of cookies!  We will be learning the basic delicious chocolate chip cookie and creating sweet and savory cookies for all types of cookie lovers! Whoopie Pies, Ice Cream Sandwiches, and Brownies will not be forgotten! The Tiny and Gourmet Chefs will learn valuable baking skills and methods along with exploring the world of cookies!



Week 2: June 25-29

Hours: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

In the Electronic Music Lab Camp, kids will use powerful music technology to mix, remix, compose, and produce their own music - no proior training needed!

What They’ll Learn

  • Creating a DJ Mix
  • Remixing
  • Song Composition
  • Beatmaking
  • Recording 
  • Sampling
  • Songwriting Techniques

What They’ll Make

Each student creates an album containing their DJ mixes, remixes, beats, recordig, and original compositions.

What They’ll Use


  • Macbook Pro Laptops & iPads
  • Keyboard and Beat Controller
  • Mics, Headphones, and Recording Equipment

About the Instructor and Mix Major:

Mix Major’s founder, Eric Jao, is a world-touring DJ, producer, and musician.  Jao (aka DJ Enferno) has performed for over 3 million people and worked with music industry’s heavyweights (e.g.Madonna, Linkin Park).  Jao’s music has been released on major labels such as Sony and Universal.  Eric Jao founded Mix Major to share his passion for musical creativity with kids.  Jao’s vision is to change the way music education is taught, bringing creative possibilities to all kids through music technology

Watch this video to see how a Mix Major class works:

Mix Major - Modernizing Music Education : 


9101 Rockville Pike
Bethesda, MD 20814